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  1. Research and write an 8–10-page paper that incorporates at least 6 sources and explores the archaeological contributions of the following renowned biblical archaeologist, Charles Warren.

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Biblical archaeology has been a common concept that describes the art of discovery and scientific examination of material remains that may have been used during the past cultures to help understand different times and situations described in the bible. Such times and descriptions may include those covered in the Old and the New Testaments, and in the history of the Judeo-Christian beliefs. The principle concept of interest in biblical archaeology is what is common in the pertinent religions that may include the Holy Land, which is also known as the Middle East[1].

Although the key points of reference in this branch of archaeological studies are particularly theological and religious, understanding major contributions made in this field usually employ methodical science. This indicates that the scientific systems utilized in biblical archaeology are similar to those employed in wide-ranging archaeology and they particularly include digging as well the radiocarbon dating[2]. This paper explores the archaeological contributions made by Charles Warren, who is a renowned biblical archaeologist.

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Charles Warren’s Archaeological Contributions

Charles Warren was a military officer serving among the British Imperial Engineers and one of the ancient European scholars that made significant contributions in biblical archaeology. Warren, who lived between 1840 and 1927, spent a good deal of his martial days in British South Africa but his previous military life was spent in London capital. Although his command in the military was greatly criticized, he archived a great deal of victory while serving at military and civil posts. Charles had been born and brought up in Wales where he attended a Martial College and a Royal Academy.