Sample Religious Studies Essay Paper on What Is Islam

            Ahmed’s description of Islam does not take an apologetic approach. He does not bother to exonerate Islam from the act of violence perpetrated by extremists, as is the case with other modern scholars. He instead focuses on the fundamental problem of definition without betraying any agendas in the process. Most scholars do not consider the various groups of Muslims as the same, but Ahmed does his best to unite them under Islam. He explains, in a rather philosophical way, that Islam exists in the consciousness of the adherents and is exercised in their actions and beliefs. There is no correct Islam or erroneous Islam. Rather, it just Islam and has a dimension that is more than the sum of its parts by far. Islam cannot do wrong, but its human agents, the Muslims, are the ones that can say or do things.

            The author is convinced that most religious scholars have made errors in their description of Islam from a defensive point. This makes their audiences not understand the correct precepts of the religion. Islam has contributed significantly to the history and culture of its people. It has also been the foundation of modern-day civilizations in the Middle East and to some degree globally. The Holy Teachings of Islam have covered every imaginable aspect of life. There is no context or situation in the everyday life of a Muslim that is not covered by its teachings. Hence, Islam cannot be used to describe the people. It is more than just the faithful that ascribe to it. It entails the history, culture, norms, aspirations and  thoughts of the Muslims. Still, that definition is not enough. The magnitude of that word is unlikely to be covered using familiar descriptions.