Sample Religious Studies Essay Paper on Representation Matters

            The statement “Representation Matters” is widely used to signify the representation of people based on their race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, and body shape. The statement has been widely used in TV shows, movies, industries, government offices, constitutions, and education. People believe in what they see thus a good representation is essential.

            Representation makes people embrace their culture. For instance, when an Asian American speaks Chinese or practices martial arts in a TV show fellow Asian Americans proud of their language and culture. Also, a Muslim female wearing a hijab nominated as a member of the House makes fellow Muslim woman embrace their religious customs.

            Representation makes people comfortable with their personalities. For instance, equal representation of all races, ethnicity, sexuality, ages, body shape, in government offices and TV shows makes us comfortable with our origin or choices. Some of these issues are addressed in the Constitution. Industries making dolls for children should also design dolls representing all races, religions, and body shapes something all the citizens can relate to without feeling neglected.

            Representation motivates people to achieve greatness. Representation in a higher office or rank inspires others to greatness. For instance, President Obama encouraged African Americans, when he became the first Black President of America. Also, having teachers, tutors from different races motivates students to further their education after high school. According to Scholes (1), “If a black student has just one black teacher by third grade, that student is 13 percent more likely to enroll in college – those who had two black teachers were 32 percent more likely.” Hence, it is important to have teachers from different races and ethnicity.


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