Sample Religious Studies Essay Paper on Mediterranean Peoples in Transition: Thirteenth to Early Tenth Centuries BCE


Stories have been created in attempts to explain the origin of the world to give purpose to the existence of life. Most of these stories are human-centered as they try to tell from where people come. Most of the stories of creation can be classified as myths. Some of the sacred texts, including the bible, tell of a superhero who is the giver of life (Gitin, et al. 76). For Christians, the supreme being is called God. Most of the secular creation myths play a role in preserving the identity of the nation, law enforcement, entertainment, and identify a particular group of people.

Ways in which the genesis story plays other accounts of creation

            Most of the creation stories tell about how space and time began. Most of these accounts are derived from some ancient historical writings and act as a foundation for the myths that have had a significant influence on literature and art in the current world. All the tales of creation have a lot in common since most of them report about the past and usually consist of some supernatural elements.

            The Genesis, which is a book in the Bible, contains two accounts of creation which were composed by the priestly and the Yahwistic traditions. The Yahwist tradition was named so because of the people frequently referred to God as Yahweh. The Yahwist tradition has few moral values as it describes God and his actions in many anthropomorphisms. However, the priestly tradition, whose origin can be traced back to Babylonian captivity focuses mostly on the commandments and putting in place regulations that would be a unifying factor during captivity in Babylon. The creation story from Genesis can be divided into two parts; the first three days and the last three. During the latter, God created day and night, waters above and under the sky, and the land and oceans. During the last three days of creation, God decorated the earth and then populates it. 

            The two creation stories differ in some ways. The first creation story aims to show the importance of human beings by indicating that they were created on the seventh day which also happens to be the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a significant day in the Jewish calendar (Sasson 65). The writer of the creation story carefully follows the Jewish calendar since a week in the Jewish calendar ends on the seventh day in an attempt to give the story a liturgical and theological meaning. In contrast second story of creation which comes from the Yahwist tradition is more human-centered as it mostly talks about the creation of man.

Even though Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are different, they possess some similarities. Texts that belong to Christianity, Islam and Judaism religions are considered sacred. There are so many similarities which are found in the Bible and the Quran. To start with, both of them believe in a supernatural being. In the creation of man, both religions have an almost similar story since man is not created but formed thus bringing man up as the most important of all creations.

Circulation of Ideas in Ways Similar to Trade Goods, Merchant Ships, and Travelers

Europeans made their exploration between 1450 -1750. Their advancement yielded the international trade by bringing forth the circulation of ideas between people when they moved around. The explorers and adventurers used the maps and followed the stories of the bible in there quest to discover the different parts of the world and find more places where they could trade their goods and obtain merchants and raw materials for their industries. Most of the ideas of these European were gotten from the Bible, and the explorers went ahead to spread what they had seen.


It is evident that the three most common monotheistic religion which includes Christianity, Islam and Judaism have interacted and shared a lot in common. They have also played a significant role in multiculturalism, globalization and inter-religious relationships. The creation account in Genesis 1-3 on its own has a connection with other creation stories in the past. Explorers using the bible shows the effect of the religion on human activities. The religions also are not so different.

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