Sample Religious Studies Essay Paper on Campus Subcultures

In the early 20th century, the campus was a place where students could nurture their talents and skills to become successful in the future. However, much has changed with campus not only dealing with academics but also the integration of social and cultural practices with academics to enjoy college life and achieve academic excellence in a related field of study. It involved the creation of different social or ethnic groups (in the case of minorities) to feel a sense of belonging and improve performance at the universities.

            Partying and socializing is one of the main characteristics of this subculture. Students hold college parties to socialize or celebrate excellence. The parties form a platform used to initiate first-year students by showing them the groups’ activities and expectations. This forms a friendship among the members. It also involves participating in games such as college baseball and American football.  Some students take these opportunities to engage in legal businesses and others in illegal businesses such as selling illegal drugs. Some engage in activities such as maintaining the environment and helping the neighboring society.

            The college culture also focuses on academics whereby students pursuing the same course or class come together to discuss and debate on academic subjects. Students improve their grades or gain insights on how to perform different projects through their groups. Group discussion also forms a channel through which communication skills are improved.

             Activism is another important aspect of college subculture. Subcultures allow students to exercise their rights by demonstrating against the school administration or the government. The issues demonstrated upon can be academic issues such as college fees and infrastructure or social and cultural issues such as racism and racial discrimination. They are more interested in politics, civil rights, and equal treatment. They engage in campaigns for student’s leadership positions in the college to improve facilities, as well as academic and social experiences.