Sample Religious Studies Essay Summary on the Muslim Religion

The Muslim Religion

Islam is derived from a word that means Peace and Purity. As such, the Muslim religion advocates for purity and obedience to God’s will. This is based on the argument that everything on earth is submissive to God’s will except man. Consequently, man is requested to be submissive to God of his own accord by turning into a Muslim. The religion began from the time of Adam and has progressed to the present day (Abdul- Kareem, 2012). Islamic teachings advocate for peace and harmony through submission to God’s will. The Muslim religion is centered on the fact that there is only one God referred to as Allah. This is synonymous to the Hebrew word ‘Elohim’. According to Islamic teachings, God is the creator and initiator of perfection and is superior to all other creations. This is presented through the assignment of different names in the Quran which signify superiority over all other creations (Phillip, 2010).

Through Islamic teachings, it I evident that God is mysterious but reveals his will through prophets. This has led to the awareness of his will which is considered to be perfect for the human race. The Quran is the commandment of God which gives direction to men. While there is no clarification about whom God is or his exact nature in the Quran, the Holy Book does not give any teachings that suggest that God does not know man. Although the Islamic religion clearly asserts that the Quran is God’s own word and there are no mistakes in it, I tend to disagree with the religion due to the lack of clarity in some of the Quranic teachings. I do not believe that God would give confusing and contradicting information.

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