Sample Religious Studies Essay Summary on the Islam Religion

Islam Religion

Postmodernism in the 20th Century is said to have several impacts on religion. Several aspects of religions have been changed through this aspect. Islamic religion for instance has been changed by aspects such as Western influence, the Afghanistan war and Iranian Revolution. The socioeconomic structures associated with a particular society make change imperative and determining the course of those changes in the society. In Islam, political aspects such as election of leaders are influenced by the inscription in the sacred texts and religious ideologies. In addition to this, institutions such as infrastructure and education system affect the Islamic political Islam.

Although the US is an essential figure in the promotion of modernization in the Islamic culture, the Islamic political culture is divergent from westernized facets. The Islamic world is however reacting to the transformations in the global context through media use and independence. Equality and war on terrorism are some of the ways through which the religion has changed. While the global environment encourages media freedom, the Islamic world believes that the media is used in the spreading of negative images.

The Afghanistan war is related to the failure of the UN Security Council to dismantle the dominance of al- Qaeda within the Middle East and the Far East Regions. The interference of al- Qaeda is considered as sabotage to international war on terror by the Islamic political leadership which encourages retaliation. This is clearly seen through the Iranian war and particularly by the overthrowing of the US favorite, Mohammed Reza. The action was part of a revolution whose intention was to remove the western control of the Middle Eastern countries. The overthrown government was replaced by an Islamic political leadership which despises socioeconomic transformation.


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