Sample Religious Studies Essay Summary on Jesus and the Anselm of Canterbury Theory

Jesus and the Anselm of Canterbury Theory

Anselm of Canterbury came with the theory of satisfaction. Being a theologian, he also came up with the theory of Atonement between 1033 and 1109. The theologian had the idea that God took offense to the acts of those who dishonored him and lowered His Dignity. Since God’s creation could not be sufficient compensation for the wrath drawn from him, Anselm suggested that man had to go to all costs but would never satisfy God. This is because God is the creator of all and greater than all of creation. Only Jesus could satisfy God as he is both human and God. According to the Anselmian theory, the sins of man were a way through which man took away the honor of God.

Through Jesus’ acceptance of dying, God was given back his ultimate honor which had been taken away by man. Jesus’ death was much more in restoration of God’s honor than in redemption from man’s sins. The theory is however criticized due to the postulated reason for the death of Jesus. Others believe that Jesus’ death and suffering was done on behalf of man. From this perspective, Jesus died to redeem ma but the righteousness of God originates from the punishment of sin. Anslem’s theory thus goes beyond the beliefs proposed by the Bible and does not present a personal relationship with God through the issue of man’s sins and God’s holiness. He thus portrays God as one who has to be satisfied due to the offended honor and the demand of repayment.


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