Sample Religious Studies Essay Summary on Health and Illness

Health and Illness

Health is referred to as the condition when one is it in all life dimensions. This implies that one can only be considered healthy if psychological, physical, mental and spiritual health is intact. Although most people believe that everyone who is unhealthy is ill, this may not be the case. Others link health and illness to behavior yet other still link religion to health and illness factors. Clinical situations can also jeopardize once health. For instance a case is reported of an old woman who suffered from mental condition. The woman became isolated due to her condition, eventually acquiring other illnesses such as depression as a result of her isolation. This made her fail to eat leading to the development of other conditions such as malnutrition. It is only through social work services provided by the old people’s home that the woman was able to get help.

During the period of intervention, the old woman prayed a lot and also maintained a positive attitude towards herself. This teaches that the combination of prayer and a positive attitude is essential in maintaining good health (Nordenfelt, 2007). From the religious perspective, health and illness can be understood through the story of Job who underwent all forms of tribulations. However, through praying, trusting in God and finding inner peace, he was capable of being healed. This is in line with the opinion of Phillipin and Cook who assert that religious practices such as yoga , meditation and prayer are essential towards maintaining a healthy life (2008). Religion is important as it helps in achieving inner peace, helps individuals to obtain a positive outlook on issues and gives individuals knowledge on solving daily problems. As such, religion reduces vulnerability to mental and other illnesses.


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