Sample Religious Studies Essay Summary on God’s Communication With Jacob and Joseph

God’s Communication with Jacob and Joseph

The book of Genesis clearly indicates various ways in which God communicates to mankind. First, through the communication between God and Jacob, the love of God is clearly shown. God speaks in Jacob in various ways, the most significant being through the experience of heaven shown via Bethel. The interactions between God and Jacob at Bethel clearly indicate the inspiring nature of God, and show that God loves mankind despite the challenges that we face in accepting his guidance. Through the assertion that ‘Truly, God is here”, Jacob shows that contrary to previous interactions, the duel at Bethel made an important impact in the life of Jacob. In addition to this, this specific interaction made the impression that God is a loving father who is always willing to give what we ask for. This is made even truer due to the assurance that God gives Jacob that all he has been looking for is within his reach.

Apart from Jacob, the communication between God and Joseph also communicates a lot about the nature of God. Although God did not communicate directly with Joseph as he did with Jacob, his presence in the life of Joseph was clearly shown. For instance, after being sold by his brothers, the life of Joseph was characterized with several challenges. The problems through which Joseph passes are used for his good by God. It is clearly shown that whatever Joseph was involved in was blessed by God and turned into prosperity. The communication between God and Joseph is tied to the conventional human life. In conclusion, it can be said that God does not choose specific people to communicate with. He is a loving father communicates with any one he wishes. It is important to realize God’s divine plan as Jacob did (Jeynes and Jeynes, 2006).



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