Sample Religious Studies Creative Writing Paper Summary on Religion


The reason why Holy texts such as the Bible are authoritative is because they give discrete prophesies regarding the future occurrences in the world. For instance, the prophecy that Jesus would be born after 490 years came to be true through the birth of the Messiah. The Holy writings thus form an outright authority, through the assertion that God is the creator of human life. Moreover, the holy writings also obtain their authority due to the fact that they are God’s spoken words, as given down to men directly. Despite efforts by scientific studies to confirm various aspects, no scientific or archaeological facts have contradicted biblical teachings in any way. On the other hand, the Biblical teachings clearly describe some of the archeological and scientific facts such as through the representation of the earth as spherical (Perry 70).

Other reasons why the Biblical writings are confirmed to be true is because the Messiah himself reported that He came to make the prophecies come true. In addition to this, any teachings that contradict the biblical teachings are disregarded since there is no one who has authority over God. As an example of this, the Pharisees were rebuked by Jesus fro going contrary to Biblical teachings and for acting differently from what is required of them by the Bible. Based on scholarly teachings, the Bible was produced based on an inerrancy doctrine i.e. produced without error (Venuti 43). Apart from this, scholars also assert that Biblical interpretations should not be laden with alien implications and evaluations. In addition to this, they lay claim to the fact that there is no need for rational proof of the inerrancy of the Bible since humans do not possess the necessary capacity to do this.

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