Sample Religious Studies Book Review On “Arjuna”

Homework Question on Arjuna

  • In refusing to fight, what is Arjuna calling into question?
  1. What is Arjuna’s duty according to the Vedic ideal?
  2. What does Arjuna see as the only alternative to fighting?
  3. What path does Krishna show him?
  4. What does Krishna put forth as the key to liberation from rebirth?
  5. How does Krishna upholds the Vedic view of supporting the world while also accommodating the world-denying view? Read the Bhagavad Gita . you can find in online google” the bhaqavad gita pdf”

Homework Answer on Arjuna

  1. In refusing to fight, what is Arjuna calling into question?

Arjuna is not only concerned with the bloodshed that ensues in battle but also the fact that none is sure they will prevail in war to enjoy the benefits. He considers the benefits of the aftermath of the battle and compares them with the cost of the entire event. He highlights the inhumanity in the desire to kill relatives for the sole reason of acquiring wealth and control of a kingdom. So concerned is Arjuna of the warriors ready to engage in battle that he loses the desire and interest for victory or acquiring control over a kingdom.

The kingdom, he notes, is earthly and therefore, not worthy of the extreme enmity that comes from killing his seniors, spiritual leaders and relatives.Arjuna depicts the effects of the war particularly on women. He explains that with the corruption of the women, there is an increase of unwanted progeny. Moreover, family traditional and the general order of the society and values are completely ruined by the event of war. People whom their traditions are destroyed spend more time in hell.

Homework Help

  1. What is Arjuna’s duty according to the Vedic ideal?

According the Vedic ideal, Arjuna, as a warrior, should learn to choose his battles according to the course. He should focus on a righteous war because it is the most reasonable and helpful thing to do as warrior in the service of his society. In order to avoid misery from embarrassment, he should rather opt for death than dishonor and disgrace. Other great warriors will assume that he retreated out of fear and brand him a coward completely tainting his reputation. Most important is the fact that dying in the line of duty guarantees him a place in heaven while winning the battle earns him enjoyment of earthly wealth.