Sample Recommendation Letter Essay Paper






Korea, zip code

19th July 2015

To Whom It May Concern

As a pastor in Korea, I have known (Mrs. Jane) for a period of twenty three years since she was a seven years old girl. I am writing this to you in support of her transfer to the University of Washington majoring for the theatre programs.

(Mrs. Jane) has been a church member for more than twenty three years. She has many talents such as dancing, singing and drawing. She learnt how to dance at a very early age. (Mrs. Jane) grew spiritually by praying and reading the bible. During her early life, she was interested in music and acting. Her enthusiasm and resilience were manifested though her dramatic performance in various church functions. She wrote a play that faired so well.

(Mrs. Jane) is very active in the church with extemporary contribution in choir, cleaning church and Sunday school teaching. She was married in the year 2012. Her husband is a soldier affiliated to the united state army and lives in United States of America. She would later quit acting in Korea to be with her family as well as support her husband at home. However, this did not limit her contribution and dedication to the church as well as her career in acting. She continued acting in the United States.

I highly recommend her admission into your theatre program. I am confidence to recommend her because she has the capability and desire to enhance her acting career. Her contribution and dedication always surpasses an organizational goal. Please feel free to contact me for further information about (Mrs. Jane). My contact information is as follows (phone number).

Best Regards

(Mr. Ken)