Sample Public Relations Essays On Children’s Use of Media

Homework Question on Children’s Use of Media to Their Health

  1. Find an article reporting on a media effect research study (content analysis, survey, experiment)
  2. Describe the method and the main findings

Homework Answer on Children’s Use of Media to Their Health

The article was about a review conducted by researchers of 173 different studies on the effects of media consumption in regard to children. According to the study, the effects individuals get from high exposure on media has relatively adverse effects to his/herhealth.The report found out that the negative implications that result from excessive exposure to media are more than the positive ones specifically among children.

Majority of the effects observed included obesity, drug and substance abuse, and engagement in sexual behaviors. With the analysis involving close to 2000 studies dating back to 1980, 173 studies were entwined to the topic of interest as television, video games, magazines music and internet being the main mediums through which these studies were linked. The aim of the study was to analyze the health effects of different media by comparing the severity of the effect in a span of 30 years.

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Among the findings were the effects on child brain development where young children were regarded to be most affected by prolonged exposure to television affecting the development of the brain leading to extreme cases of alcoholism, obesity and involvement in sexual activities while still at a tender age. Through sampling, the researchers were able to correlate media exposure and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that was studied.