Sample Public Relations Essay Summary on Media Research Study

Media Research Study

An article written about the impacts of media use on children depended on review carried out by researchers through 173 different studies. Among the children, the report showed that the negative implications were much greater than the positive implications of media use. Impacts such as engagement in sexual activities, drug use and abuse and obesity have all been linked to media use among the children. 173 of more than 2000 studies were intertwined on the subjects of television, magazines, music and video games as the key media platforms used by children. The key objective of the study was to compare the health impacts of media use through analysis over a span of 30 years. The health effects cited included poor development of the rain among children which results in other health problems such as obesity, alcoholism and engagement in sexual activities. In addition to this, prolonged exposure to television was found to result in the development of hyperactivity disorders among children.

The researchers found out that despite the continued use of the media such as televisions by children, there has been no research on the impacts of media use on the health of children. Apart from this, the research also cited president Obama’s sentiments that children should be kept away from televisions as they impacted negatively on the ability of the children to study. Despite the many negative impacts of media use among children and adults as well, there are positive impacts that have been cited. For instance, minimal exposure to television can deny advertisers the chance to reach their potential market. The research concluded by providing a brief to policy makers which if implemented can help reduce alcohol use and drug use among children.


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