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Homework Question on Politics and Governance

  • Politics and Government Purpose To assess your ability to discuss the roles and tactics of PR professionals in meeting and event planning. Action Items Your professor will post a current national political campaign by using the Discuss tool.
  • Using several media sources (internet, TV, newspapers, magazines, radio talk shows, etc), evaluate the influence of this campaign on the public.
  1. Post a reply containing your evaluation on the Discussion. Review the comments of your classmates. Consider all the different media, the costs, and the benefits of the campaign.
  2. Post a reply paragraph discussing the benefits and/or costs of the campaign. 5-3: Politics and Government – Wendy Davis has hired a new campaign manager in her bid for Texas Governor.
  3. What PR components will she tap into? What risks will they need to be prepared for?

Homework Answer on Politics and Governance

Davis, a state representative from Fort Worth, turned into an overnight contender for a year prior, when she arranged a delay that briefly cut down a charge that banned premature births for ladies no less than 20 weeks pregnant, and stored regulations on abortion removal facilities, debilitating numerous with conclusions(Catalina, 2013). With her pink sneakers and captivating persona, she became well known not only in her involvement in her “statal” role, but also in the Federal governmental issues.

In October, she formally advertised her offer for senator, wanting to seize on the energy made over the mid-year.  In any case from that point forward, Davis has not jolted her base or effectively spoke to potential hybrid voters she’ll have to beat Greg Abbott in November. Fight stumbles aside; Davis has been suppressed in the sort of battle that could have effectively been copied by past Democratic elects consisting of Chris Bell and Bill White.

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Davis will have the money for an air war, however Turner (her newly hired PR Manager) and his group need to discover approaches to inspire based Democrats and expand the number of people that turn out to vote for her in the state(Jeffers Jr, 2014). He’ll need to better characterize Davis, and simultaneously prepare his team of co-workers for what will be recorded in history as the largest and highest voter base ever seen in Texas State.