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Homework Question on Public Organizations

  1. Question: Public organizations are increasingly influenced by changes in their external environment.  Why is it more important now than it was in the past for managers to take the economic, social, political, and technological environments of their organizations into account when making plans and decisions?  Be specific.
  • Instruction for answering:
  • The student should review the textbooks of the class for guidance before answering this question.  For example, some ideas from the class texts include the following:

Book 1:

  • City Politics
  • Author(s) Dennis R. Judd and Todd Swanstrom
  • Edition/Copyright 8TH 12
  • Publisher  Pearson Education Inc
  • ISBN-9780205032464

Book 2:

  • The Politics of Bureaucracy
  • Author(s) B.Guy Peters, Maurice Falk
  • Edition/Copyright 6TH 10
  • Publisher  Routledge. Political Science
  • ISBN-13: 978-0415342100
  • ISBN-10: 0415342104

Homework Answer on Public Organizations

  1. Economic environment

Economic prosperity has been an important factor that has determined development of the United States.  However, there has been a change in the recent past with most of the countries of the world concentrating their efforts towards development because of certain changes like population growth. According to Judd and Swanstrom (15), profitability is the main drive, by most of the activities concentrating on ensuring sustainability and growth. To the public managers, this means that they have to efforts to ensure that services are able to cover as many as possible within the society.

  1. Social environment

Social environment do play a major role when it comes to public management. Public managers must ensure that the social, ethnic and racial considerations are put in place to avoid unnecessary conflicts (Judd and Swanstrom 24). Every aspect of social environment may lead to conflict with authorities or other entities; otherwise, public managers are likely to apply wrong policies.

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  1. Political environment

Politics influences how public management is done, especially in terms of formulating and applying policies (Peters 12-32). For instance, in the United States, government of the day will determine how to approach public management. A democratic government is likely to differ from a Republican one. Sometimes, public management may be used for political purposes, especially when the government of the day needs to be reelected.