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Homework Question on Personal Safety White paper

  • A white paper is a succinct statement that may refer to a definition or a specific problem. It usually provides a definition that is backed up by resources or it identifies a problem and defines a potential solution(s).
  • The white paper should not be longer than one side of a piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
  • The paper should include a title, author, and class time…
  • A Personal Safety Definition Nora Smith, TRS 103, T -TH
  • The paper should include a minimum of two paragraphs… Paragraph One should start… My personal definition for the term ‘safety’ is  Paragraph Two should include…
  • My personal definition for safety is supported by (textbook name) as it defines personal safety as…. In addition to the textbook, (this resource) also supports my thoughts on personal safety when it says…
  • Please keep in mind that you are limited to one page of paper to express your definition. I will give it back to you for refinement if you give a document that is more than one page.
  • If I give it or send it back to you and the white paper becomes a ‘late’ paper due to not following the guidelines, points will be deducted.

I will upload the instruction text book: Thygerson, Alton L, Steven M, and Justin S. Injury Prevention, Third Edition Jones and Bartlett ISBN 13: 978-0-7637-5383-2 (pbk.)

Homework Answer on Personal Safety White paper

My personal definition of the term safety is free from any potential causes of injury, either intentional or unintentional. Safety in this sense is keeping away from harm caused by a person or objects. Safety can be achieved through personal effort to avoid personal injury or indirectly through the actions of another person. Safety does not only refer to being free from physical injury, but it also refers to being free from emotional injury that results from intentional and unintentional causes.

For example, a person may get involved in an accident and escape without any physical injuries but remain mentally traumatized about the accident. In addition, divorce does not lead to physical injuries especially when the couple has not engaged in a physical fight, but the life they face after the divorce may be characterized by injured personality. To some victims of marital separation, the damage caused may be irreparable especially if they had a complete commitment to the marriage.

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My personal definition of safety is supported by the book Injury Prevention by Thygerson et al. According to the book, injury can be caused intentionally or unintentionally. This implies that the absence of injury translates to safety (Thygerson et al., 1).  When a person is free from physical or emotional harm, the person can, therefore, be said to be safe. Hollangel also supports my thoughts when he notes, “safety is a condition where nothing goes wrong” (Hollangel, 1). The definition focuses on all areas where an alteration of the safety situation can lead to a physical or psychological injury. When everything is fine, it means that a person is safe, both physically and mentally.