Sample Public Administration Paper On Dealing With Situations At Hand

Homework Question on Dealing With the Situations At Hand

  • You are the Mayor of a small, college town. You face two major issues right now.
  • Unfunded mandates from the federal government regarding the requirement that your city rebuild a bridge. Additionally, you have recently been ordered by the federal government to accept on thousand refugees.
  1. First, consider the alternative ways to fund the additional costs that were not included in the budget for the fiscal year. How would you adjust for that? Think of the many ways the city could increase revenue.
  2. Second, consider the many ways that the refugees would change your budget process for the next fiscal year and the public services that would be most affected by such an influx of people with needs.
  • Explain how you would resolve those issues and the alternatives you would consider for each.
  • Again, a real life issue.You are smart.
  • These questions are wide open and allow for multiple approaches.

Homework Answer on Dealing With the Situations At Hand

Currently, two issues in the town require utmost attention. The first oneis, rebuilding the town bridge and the second, a population influx in the town that could spread over a few months to one year. To handle the first issue, other areas of the town’s budget will be reduced. Since the bridge is an important feature within the town, the money allocated for town hall maintenance, public festivities go down by 45 percent, and the remainder channeled towards the bridge.

In addition, the council members’ annual retreat is cancelled until the next financial year. This amount may be below substantial, so to bolster it, prices of certain services and products will go up for a few months. The original prices return to normal upon completion of the town bridge. Contractors andvarious companies that operate within the town will supply the materials required. In addition, the town’s experts will carry out the rebuilding because importing labor is more expensive and unnecessary.

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The second issue involves the impending arrival of 1000 refugees; the influx goes a long way in affecting next year’s fiscal budget. With an increase in the number of people within the town, the budget is likely to be strained. Various stakeholders play a part in ensuring that the town receives their respective services next fiscal year. This includes electrical services, recreational amenities and largely, health care.