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Homework Question on Public Administration

  • Make certain to relate well to your readings in formulating your responses. There is no minimum requirement for answer length, however you should adequately answer the question with good information and examples from the text.
  1. Why is Max Weber’s characterization of bureaucracy considered the essential building block for understanding the formal institutional structures of public administration?
  2. Why is Woodrow Wilson described as the father of Public Administration in the US?
  3. Using ONE of the issues below, briefly explain why intergovernmental relations is so complex in the US:a) Illegal immigrationb) Homeland securityc) Educationd) Welfare
  4. Briefly explain the meaning of political power and administrative power

Homework Answer on Public Administration

1.Why is Max Weber’s characterization of bureaucracy a building block of public administration?

Initially, the term bureaucracy referred to the group of individuals who staffed and controlled the organizational departments. These individuals held managerial positions to ensure that the organizational systems were working proficiently. Max Weber merged the descriptions of bureaucracy into one and removed the issue of managers viewing employees as an insignificant unit of production.

2.Why is Woodrow Wilson described as the father of public administration in US?

Wilson believed that experts and not necessesary elected leaders should practice administration. He recognized public administration in his article “The Study of Administration” and categorized administration into four concepts. In the first concept, he separated politics from administration while in the second concept he provided a comparative analysis between the private and the public sector. The third concept involved improving efficiency in business behavioral activities and lastly, he said that administration is improved through management and training.

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3.Using the issue of homeland security, briefly explain why intergovernmental relation is so complex in US?

The federal government views homeland security as an immense threat that amounts to terrorism and other greater felonies. Therefore, their approach is quite cautious as compared with the local and state governments. Local government on their side employ methods such as community policing that bring the society closer with the government in terms of providing security information.