Sample Public Administration Essays On Patient Protection Affordable Care Act

Homework Question on Patient Protection Affordable Care Act

  • Identify and review at least four (4) academic-quality resources (peer-reviewed journal articles, books, periodicals, etc.
  • I recommend using Google Scholar or the FIU Library’s Online Student Services).
  1. Summarize the current state of affairs or knowledge based on those resources in the Literature Review Focus: An analysis of the effects the implementation if Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as provided by 4 sources effects of the act? consequences? (bad) The actual bill can be one of the sources!

Homework Answer on Patient Protection Affordable Care Act

The fact that the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act has come at the right time for a section of the population in the country is undeniable. This is because the creation and implementation of the legislation has the fundamental aim as being more inclusive in the provision of healthcare to the people as well as extending the scope of health coverage. Factors that come to play in this act include the coverage by the health insurance companies as well as the health institutions providing the services (Walton & Rockoff, 2014).

The act involves young people more in the health care sector and increases the chances of accessing treatment and care despite the presences of pre-existing diseases and conditions. It also allows the young population to gain healthcare access using the health plan put in place for the parents. In addition, there are measures put in place to reduce costs as well as extend the scope of care accorded to the individual within the health plan they possess (Kipp & Caputo, 2012).

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One of the most outstanding outcomes of various research and survey endeavors as well as published literature is the fact that the act is as widely accepted in the country as it is controversial due to its effects (Walton & Rockoff, 2014).The challenge that comes along with this implementation lies in the financial, economic and social realms of the country’s dynamic healthcare scenario. For instance, it is possible to note that the Act discourages the social aspect of marriage and the need to bring forth children due to the dependability and subsidy reduction aspects of the law.