Sample Public Administration Essays On Concepts of Public Administration

Homework Question on Concepts of Public Administration

  • Describe a recent (within past 6 months) event (can be local, state, or national) that illustrates three major core concepts of Public Administration, such as: the bureaucracy, representative democracy, federalism, bureaucratic power, transparency, and accountability.
  • Write a short 2–4-page essay (not including your title and references pages) in which you do the following:
  1. Identify at least 3 major concepts of Public Administration that relate to your chosen event (refer to Chapters 1–3 of Milakovich & Gordon)(public administration in America 11th edition book available online!
  2. Research your event and cite at least two credible sources in your essay, while also evaluating the credibility of your sources. Be sure to define the concepts completely and use examples to illustrate your points.

Homework Answer on Concepts of Public Administration

Public administrative offices are expected to exercise bureaucratic authorities to enhance their responsibilities. In addition, they should demonstrate transparency and accountability while practicing federalism.  Federalism involves sharing of power and authority between the national government and the state governments. The event where the Federal Reserve has denied Congress all subpoenaed files has been perceived as lack of accountability and transparency in practicing federalism.

The central government in the US is involved in resolving conflicting values that may decrease people’s expectations. This study will focus on how the Fed has been involved in matters pertaining to the concepts of public administration.When making decisions pertaining to their responsibilities, public administrators are usually influenced by social, economic, legal, and governmental processes. Accountability is also essential in the provision of public services.

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However, the Federal Reserve (or the Fed), which is an agency of the US federal government, has failed to conform to a congressional subpoena due to the fear of exposing a criminal investigation (Smialeck, 2015). Congress wanted to know the process that the Fed used to release information to Medley Global Advisors, and whether due process was followed in information delivery. The Fed facilitates federalism and is centrally involved in implementing government policy in terms of improving the country’s economy.