Sample Psychology Term Paper on Retrospective Analysis of Personality

Retrospective Analysis Personality


Most of youths who belong to the generation I am in today do not study for the courses they dreamt of when they were kids and neither are they in the institutions they talked of. The jobs they addressed passionately has kids have become part of history and ambitious memories. The change of ideas to be who we are today has been not been our choice but a combination of factors. In short what one person value a lot today in life might be very insignificant in another person’s life. The social factors such as school, family and religion has led to change of human perception on what items to give value more than others. Additionally, the political and economic systems of the societies have stream line peoples thought how to treat life when subjected to stress and change at different times. However, the way a person handles issues, ideas and cases depends on one’s personality and perception.


When I was I child I thought like a child, I talked like a child and I reasoned like a child. Has the I was growing in our small village in the humble background of father, mother and six other siblings I wanted to be a great doctor to help my family who was poor and could only afford one meal a day. From the stories of better careers such as pilot, doctor, and engineering I got in school I only admired being a doctor. This was because of so many reasons one was to help my sickening family members and be the doctor of my small village so I could treat people. The second reason was because my uncle was doctor in a far land city and whenever he came home he would help my family with few notes to survive on. I would see my dad appreciates the help and pray for him in many minutes just for the notes given unto him. The last reason I wanted to be a doctor is because they saved lives and at that point it was the greatest feeling ever to be the doctor. As the days passed by I went to primary school and soon clocked the age of going to high school then soon to I joined the university. During all my years of growth and study I have noticed some constant factor with me. One of them is the hope of helping my family members from the languishing poverty and I could only beat through my education. The other constant factor I still have is getting silence when am annoyed by people I value or even friends. The only sudden thing is that have realized has much as there is need to help my family it is because of the big heart I have to empathize with them and the love of the family. My anger management has changed insignificantly since I have realized that most friends and family would try to leave me alone when am annoyed since they know that is who I am. In the process of interaction with versed people such as the students, professors, priests and friends all they have acknowledged am loving person. when I went back home for holidays summer my mum said have become mature.  For example, when in high school if she called me home names I will be furious and not talk for at least a day. But during my last holiday when she called me the same names I only I remained furious for an hour but annoyance was still felt. In all my life I have learned that my emotions and temper are only managed but cannot change. A times my mum says I do behave like dad when annoyed by issues and fellow siblings. My younger brother who is very keen and observant once said I have changed my color skin and have grown thin since I went to the university and when I checked my photos I notice the light change in skin color.

                     Roles of nature and nurture in shaping my personality

In the hard times of less food supply due to poverty in our family have gain the persistent attitude and being tougher when going went tough with only one meal a whole day. From such experience I have become tolerant and patient during hard times and also when faced with difficulty.  From the school set up where my lecturers tend associates more with bright students I have always studied hard and become hard worker to gain their attention and belong to the learned associates. Additional in school where I have joined games in which I practiced daily. Through the daily practiced I have rose to play soccer in first school team. So it is the school environment, the admiration of my uncle that has made me be ambitious. My parents teaching of being attentive and keen has they address family matters when I was young has made have self-discipline and respect for the elderly in the society. Finally, my dad’s cautions and strong arguments towards wrong when I was young has made me be fearful of high pitches of sounds.

     Bias and inaccuracy associated when a person relays on the mind reflections

While using the personal history it heavily relies on one’s memories this proves so inaccurate at a times as the history cannot be categorized to belong to what type of memory. The memory can be short term memory and might only dwell on personal emotions and perception of what is taken to be the truth. There is inaccuracy of mind has it can only have low retention of information. That is some people can only have limited percentage of keeping information for a long time. One can also use defense mechanism to outsource information and distort the real meaning information passed has the history. The information provided by history is often distorted to favor the person reflecting on the history. He or she a times give wrong information due to mental disorganization since an individual cannot give exact age of the experiences. The mind reflections can only remain to be theory of a real reflection.

Why science phycology places more emphasis on results based studies than in personal experience and anecdotes.

The personal experience and anecdotes are usually subjective to a person own thoughts. And ones thought is always influenced by the present condition. Additionally, they are influenced by affective domain and cognitive biases such as the ego and defense mechanism. Anecdotes is also not hundred percent reliable as it favors some cases and do not produces same results in other people. However, the science psychology depends on results and outcome efficient test. Additionally, the science psychology can be referred to at any time and produce the same results.

                                Major theories of personality development

Some of the theories include, theory of Jean Piaget which explains that children think more differently than adults. This theory tends to explain difference between children and their parents. Jean’s theory states that the difference in personality varies from the children to adults. The children who he perceives are thoughtful and keen on their environment hence can gains natures learning and convert them to habits.  The other major theory of personality is Freud’s theory which explain the personality of a person is determined by the libido. The libido is influenced by parts of brain which has made of three subdivisions. Additionally, Freud’s theory is more of sexual feeling attachments to traits.  The other theory is Erick Erickson prominent theory suggest that personality is caused by relationship around people. The theory explains that during one’s interactions with different age set of people and has they grow to adults they go to different life stages they gain traits and eventually form personality out of them. The other theory by Kohlberg’s explain that personality is gained from the growth of moral thought. Kohlberg explains that as human beings ponder thoughts on morals to be either wrong or right they chose stand and develop a principle on them. All these theories try to explain how personality is developed in an individual. The theories give foundation and importance of personality in children and adults. It is from these theories that most of the science psychologist have developed the better ways of determining how to nurture personality in leaners and in schools.