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Homework Question on Psychology

  1. (10 points). -Compare and contrast three different theoretical approaches in psychology.
  2. (20 points) -Describe an experiment using the following hypothesis [Does theecTiicaiton, “Triflexis” really facilitate significant weight loss]. List the independent variable, dependent variable, control group, and experimental group.
  3. (5 points) -Two specific areas of cortex have been labeled as “Broca’s” and “Wernicke’s” areas. Describe how patients behave when these two areas are damaged.
  4. (5 points) -Compare and contrast Neurogenesis and Plasticity. Give examples of both.
  5. (10 points) -A small girl is very much afraid of spiders because when she went to the Science Center, her brother screamed in her ear as she first spied the caged tarantula. Briefly explain the learning that took place. Name the US, UR, CS, and CR. Include the following terms in your discussion (stimulus generalization, stimulus discrimination, spontaneous recovery) as they relate to the girl’s learning in this situation.
  6. (10 points) -Compare and contrast classical and operant conditioning. Mention their main contributors, their limitations, and important experiments in both fields.
  7. (10 points) -Explain operant conditioning’s four schedules of reinforcement. If you wanted to encourage your employees at the factory to produce to their maximum, what schedule of reinforcement would you choose? Why?
  8. (10 Points) -Define implicit memory, explicit memory, and procedural memory, and give an example of each.
  9. (10 points) -Compare and contrast the characteristics of preoperational and concrete operational stages of cognitive development according to Piaget. Give examples.
  10. (10 points) -Compare and contrast Kohlberg’s stages of moral development. Give examples of each stage.

Homework Answer on Psychology

Question 1

Psychology is a scientific discipline that deals with the study of behavior and mental processes of human beings. The discipline involves a number of theoretical approaches. One of the theoretical approaches is psychoanalytic psychology. This approach deals with and focuses on the unconscious part of the human mind and often plays an integral role in helping psychologists understand man’s primitive urges and instincts. The other theoretical contemporary approach is behavioral.

This approach deals with the study of how objects and people change their approach when exposed to stimuli in the environment. The other contemporary approach to the psychology is humanism. This approach is different from the others as it not only focuses on the mind or behavior, but focuses on the study of the whole person. The approach is connected to the belief that the behavior of individuals are in a connection with their inner feelings and images (King 25).

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Question 2

The introduction of the medication “Triflexis” on the body of a fat individual should facilitate weight loss. This is known as response. The experiment should involve issuing the medication to both fat individuals who need to lose weight and normal individuals who have already lost weight. After taking the medication, it is expected that the fat individuals will lose weight after some days while there will be no effect of the medication on the normal individuals. In this case, the medication is the independent variable and weight loss is the dependent variable.