Sample Psychology Paper on The adolescent growth spurt and puberty

The adolescent growth spurt and puberty

Puberty is a period in human being’s that involves maturation of both the psychical body as well as the sexual part of the person. In this case, there are characteristics that develop in the body of the person that result from changes in hormones Bancroft & Reinisch, 2010).  Adolescence on the other hand, is a period that takes place when a person is at puberty and when he or she is at adulthood. It is important to note that adolescence proceeds after a person has undergone puberty. Many people use these words interchangeably but they are different in that puberty is the component that leads to adolescence. At puberty, some physical changes will start to be seen. These characteristics are different based on gender. Some of the characteristics in males will include broadening of voice, growth of pubic hair while females, menstrual cycle will begin growth of breasts and widening of hips. These characteristics will be accompanied by maturation in the sexual being of an individual.

These two stages that are part of child development are crucial in the growth of a child. They have adverse effects when the child is not well monitored as the stage involves learning experiences that children will have with those close to them. During puberty, a child can easily by influenced by others, especially the peers, because there is the feeling of maturation in him or her that makes him become autonomous in their ways of doing things (Kail & Barnfield, 2009). Parents and any other people who are responsible of children who are at this stage are therefore required to ensure that the process of development at these stages is effective to ensure that their children are not misled by their emotions. They ought to understand them and give them advise on how to deal with various challenges that they will face, both from their inner bodies and physical bodies.


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