Sample Psychology Paper on Readmission into College

            I chose to leave college and lacked the determination to continue with student life after being placed on academic suspension. However, I have been working on improving my self-worth and I now believe that I am ready to go back to college and chase my academic goals. I desire to major in psychology as learning about psychological perspectives and how they influence human behaviors and mind vastly intrigues me. I also have a substantial liking for sports psychology and I enjoy working with people. The thought of studying psychology interested me earlier on and it still intrigues me even now. My choice of studying sports psychology will, therefore, aid me access graduate school to advance my academic competence. I desire to assist athletes to enhance their performance, mental health and boost their motivation.

            The main causes for my educational challenges and which led to my suspension and academic probation include poor time management skills, commuting, finding the classes too congested, lack of coordination and procrastination. To correct this, I will seek advice from my tutors on how to coordinate myself and set effective time plans. I will also ensure I leave the classrooms after the lessons are through and avoid procrastination to boost my chances of performing well. When away from school I got engaged in a full-time employment that majorly relates to sports psychology to gather enough funds for the fees to resume college. Engaging in full-time employment also influenced my time management capabilities and enhanced my studying abilities and this further gave me the urge to go back to college.

            Some of the changes that I will implement to ensure I achieve exceptional grades include focusing more on my studies, attending all classes, seeking counseling and employing learners to set effective schedules.