Sample Psychology Paper on One Laptop Per Child Evaluation

            Negroponte was of the opinion that it is possible for children to intuitively learn how to use computers and start programming without express instructions from teachers. This was derived from the observations made on small children who learn how to speak, crawl, walk and do other things as a result of their interaction with the environment. The lofty goal of manufacturing and distributing 100 million laptops to children throughout the world targeted a number of the most notable countries in various geopolitical regions of the world. the implementation of the program, however, has experienced success in some countries that were not originally considered. This is pinned on the goodwill expressed by the heads of state of those countries. The notable countries where the program has been successful include Cambodia, Libya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

            The cost of each laptop was projected to be $100. This cost was to go down as the manufacture of the laptops was scaled. The actual cost has turned out to be higher than $100 dollars, but this has not stalled the project, as the governments involved are willing to meet the additional cost. Negroponte is encouraging residents in the developed countries to help sponsor and provide a poor child in developing countries with the laptop. He advocates for awareness of this program to be spread by the persons who are inspired and impressed by it. From the sentiments made by Negroponte, the project can be deemed a success despite not following the trajectory that had been predicted earlier on. If the residents in the developed countries spend on this initiative, then the cost of the laptops will be equivalent to zero for beneficiaries.