Sample Psychology Paper on Child Observation Paper

Child Observation Paper


The main purpose of this examination is to identify and establish behavior of a child between 1-10 years old. This study would aim to ascertain and collect information about the child behaviors and the reasons behind it. The child is 1yr 6months.

The behaviors exhibited and their appropriateness

There are several behaviors or activities exhibited by the child and include the following; the child is interested in other children, goes, and joins them in what they are doing. This can be explained as the child is developing, focusing, and discovering what she can do. She does not receive the attention and association she is seeking and walks away to play alone.  The child is seen going to an adjacent room, a caretaker comes and takes her away. After a couple of minutes, she is seen going back to that room. At this stage the child does not have the capacity to understand and comprehend. The child is again seen exhibit a strange behavior; crying while looking at a certain direction. A caretaker is seen coming from that direction with a milk bottle and then giving the child. This can be explained as the child is developing cause-effect relationships and so when she feels hungry she signals by crying. The care taker is seen changing nappies for the child, after thirty minutes she comes back with another set of nappies and then replaces. It is difficult to plan and control actions/activities at this level by the child.


            There are several things that the child can do and includes being able to stand and move a couple of steps, she is already doing things by herself like eating, playing with sticks. She is able to use some items like spoons and brush.  The child is also becoming social and able to vaguely understand what people are saying and starts developing new language skills. The milestones to be reached by the child will be; able to use such items correctly and with the right intentions. The child is yet to start testing limits through responding with a ‘No’ for some actions.


A child at this stage would like to discover more and explore the environment since she is curious and would like to find out how the things around work. The baby is also learning how to behave and it is the responsibility of the caregiver to ensure a safe environment so that the child may not harm herself. To summarize, the baby is quite active and now learns with what she sees around; watching what others do and so a role model in this case will prove important in influencing the behavior of the child.