Sample Psychology Paper on Applications Of Psychology In My Daily Life

Sample Psychology Paper on Applications Of Psychology In My Daily Life

Psychology is the ability that an individual possesses to study the mindset and the behavior of either oneself, another party, or even the animals, for they too have feelings for different conditions. In this paper, I will give a self-reflection on the encounter I had at some time in the psychological field.


One’s feelings and reactions may drastically drift depending on the prevailing environment they find themselves in. Encounters are given by different people depending on how they encounter them. Therefore, it proves something inevitable for the psychological setup of any living organism that will determine their moods at that particular moment. Examples have always arisen in situations where an animal, especially a dog, looks straight into your eyes only to find when you are angry and so furious in the viewpoint and finds its way out of the environment you are.


I will account for the factual occurrence I once encountered during my stay. I had a very intimate friend with whom we did most things as a unit, for we appeared inseparable in everything we did. We studied at the same high school but were bridged apart by the colleges we joined. John joined a different college as me, so most of the duties we began doing independently, by just on some occasions did we have some meetups to check up on each other. Though we were a bit having some difficulties accepting the condition that we had to stay independent for the better part of our stay in college, but it appeared an uphill task for the duo since what we had trained our bodies to absorb was now is deficient (company) therefore, there was the beginning of our mental stress.

Being mature gentlemen, John decided to enter into relationship ties with a lady, who dropped him for a classmate later on. That was the beginning of his psychological torture. I did not know anything until I noticed his drastic unbecoming behavior that was so unusual that he became so silent that our daily conversations were affected since he gave a distance to this and began a secluded life.

Having not early realization of the change as I assumed it was just due to his busy schedules as I too was faced by the end-semester examinations, I did not realize this. After some couple of days of silence, an indicator of a red flag was seen, and it was very evident to me that he was in a state of either emotional or mental disorder or both. The BF Skinner’s theory then came to my mind as I checked on the now existing flags for the behavior he had drastically adopted of keeping silent was then followed by some very unpliant consequences, as he at that moment began to post some very terrifying pieces of information on his social media pages.

Having attended the psychology class for this while, I sincerely appreciate the fact that the course has impacted positively to my view of every single behavior of any living thing and give a clear judgment on what may be the cause and protract compassionate first aid and even solutions to such problems, and I am proud, I helped curb the intended danger that was very ready for the take.

I noticed one of his posts indicating, “And if tomorrow you do not see me, get home and tell my loved ones that I struggled my level best but was inundated by the situation, and I must bid you goodbye.” This message stung my personality and made me pay him a surprise visit. On arrival at his room, I found him lying on his bed, with a very effortless body. I did have him some first aid for the situation; at first, he hid whatever was making him uncomfortable, but after making him feel very comfortable around me by showing some empathy, he disclosed whatever the situation was as I paid keen attention never to miss a single point, where I realized, he had purchased position from a nearby shop to have his life done away with. Then through my empathy protected him in a manner that I did not want to side anywhere with the lady to strengthen up his confidence to trusting every word I would have to inform him, then I made him be connected to reality by giving him some examples of they that were in the same situation but are happily staying.

I, therefore, reshaped his mode of thinking that it was the end of him being alive under the sun by informing him that those are challenges that must be faced in the stay but only very strong emotionally, individuals will cope with the situation by tactfully curbing the situation. I after that taught him some techniques that he was to use to evade any future repeat of the same. I informed him never to expect much from their opposite gender partners more than the partner can sustain since he will make the lady even more overstretched only to have him satisfied. Therefore he was to have some limits in his expectations from the relationship matter. He then was convinced until he came back to his normal state and ended up discarding the poison he had procured and was ready to employ whatever I had informed him.

To make conclusions, it is very evident that the psychological tricks that I have acquired throughout my academic pursuit bear the positive required results. Had I not taken concern about my friend’s condition, I would have him buried this moment. I sincerely appreciate that psychology is one of the most important courses to study in a society, for they save much from the intended havoc that may result from ignorance. In my daily stay, I have it applied, even the instance of present division amongst my young ones, I ensure, all get an equal proportion of the share to avoid any conflicts that may arise even though some may not physically express the dissatisfaction.