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Homework Question on Types of Love

  • Your assignment is to view two films outside of class. It is your responsibility to choose and watch these films. You will need to pick out one film that shows the creation of relationships. The other film will illustrate the breaking down of a relationship. Some suggested titles are (you do not have to choose from this list):

      Creation of relationships                        Breaking down of relationships

Love Actually                                                  Kramer vs. Kramer

Fools Rush In                                                  War of the Roses

Creator                                                             Mrs. Doubtfire

Falling In Love                                                Radio Flyer

  • You will chose any One Topic from any lecture or the text that you think relates to both films and this class. Examples could include among others; communication styles, love types, domestic violence, etc.
  • Your task is to write a 5-7 page comprehensive paper analyzing your topic. The last section of your paper is to find examples in the two films that illustrate your topic from both the negative and positive aspects. The structure should be as follows:
  1. First, include a brief introduction. This should tell me the topic of choice, what two films that you chose and why you chose them.
  2. Then, outline your topic. Explain it to me as if I have never heard of it before.
  •      Do not simply regurgitate information from the slides. Go into depth. Find
  •      other sources if necessary. In other words, if you had a friend (not in the class)
  •      read your paper, they should KNOW that one topic by the end of your paper.

3.Third, using the topic, use examples from the films that illustrate how your topic is operationalized. In other words, pick examples that clearly show the presence of your topic, how it affects the relationship, what are potential outcomes, etc.

4.Lastly, give a clear conclusion, which restates your purpose behind this paper,

Homework Answer on Types of Love

One of the most special and sophisticated feelings among human beings is love. As easy as it may sound, love is certainly the most difficult emotion to comprehend by oneself. Conventionally, people believe that love is an emotional feeling that revolves around the heart. Even artists, poets, and renowned painters explain love with the symbol of the heart. However, love as complicated as it is occurs in the human brain. Notably, Bezenac & Bezenac (2012) explains that, the brain is the central force that triggers love because it generates chemical signals that connects people in form of love, which certainly comes out in very diverse dimensions.

According to Lee (1976), there are six styles of expressing love as identified by Ancient Greeks including Eros, ludus, storge, pragma, mania, and agape. Each style symbolizes a type of love. In the contemporary world, people can easily understand the aforementioned forms of love through films, which endeavor to explain these types through characters and their behaviors as regard to the various types of relationships.

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Some films show the creation of relationships while others show the breaking down of relationships. For instance, “When Harry Met Sally” is a film that shows the creation of a relationship while “Temptations” shows the breaking down of a relationship. This essay explicates the various types of love while tying the analysis with two films to illustrate how these forms of love are operationalized using examples from these films.