Sample Psychology Essays On Types of Leadership Styles

Homework Question on Types of Leadership Styles

  1. List and describe the different types of IMPACT leadership styles.
  2. Create a work scenario for each style that shows when the leadership style would be most useful. Then explain when you feel each leadership style would be least effective and why. For example, each style should look like such: : Least effective work scenario: < work scenario > Most effective work scenario

Homework Answer on Types of Leadership Styles


Leadership has a direct effect on organizational growth and success. Leaders are responsible for determination of workforce motivation, culture, acceptance to change, and principles within an organization. They outline organizational goals and policies that include their implementation and efficiency. Leadership is practiced at any level within an institution.Successful ones do have one thing in common; they usually impact those close to them to obtain the highest benefits from organizational resources, including the human resources.

Leadership is practiced in places, such as businesses, libraries, churches, governments, and non-government organizations (Germano 1).The present theories of leadership describe leaders on the basis of their traits, influence, and power in achieving organizational objectives.When described according to their traits, leaders are classified as democratic, autocratic, charismatic, and bureaucratic. In terms of power exchange, leaders are transactional, situational, and transformational. Leadership qualities differ extremely across organizations.

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Autocratic Leadership:

According to Germano (1), leaders using this style lack experience and drive of leadership upon them in taking new positions that involve the management of human resources.