Sample Psychology Essays On The Egyptian Revolution

Homework Question on The Egyptian Revolution

  1. A brief summary of a current or recent event (not a personal or individual experience), citing at least one online news media source with a link or hyperlink. The summary must be in your own words!
  2. How either Machiavelli or Marx would analyze or interpret this event, stated in your own words, but citing The Prince or The Communist Manifesto at least twice.

Homework Answer on The Egyptian Revolution

The government of Egypt led by Hosni Mubarak demonstrated brutality by the police, punitive laws relating to state of emergency, non-existence of free and fair elections, inadequate freedom of speech and corruption as the key legal-political elements on one hand, and high rates of unemployment, high food prices, and low wages as the basic  economic concerns (Khalil, 2011). Consequently, the citizens started peaceful demonstrations as a way of expressing their displeasure with the pressing issues (Khalil, 2011).

The demonstrations intensified upon the involvement of the labor unions and civil groups that came out strongly to fight for fundamental rights of the workers.Karl Max would have interpreted this event as the struggle among the various classes. He argued that capitalism promotes exploitation of labor as the country tries to encourage foreign investments (Chamberlain, 2014). Most industries from developed nations are busy looking for less developed countries and middle economies with weak labor union laws to exploit cheap labor.

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According to the Communist Manifesto, the government ought to establish industries all over the country to ensure even distribution of a country’s population in a bid to avoid the emergence of cities. This would reduce pressure that often leads to the formation of social classes in the cities (Blaisdell, 2003). In addition, Marx could have termed the reason behind the revolution as “expression of feelings against elements of capitalism.” In other words, the people wanted a socialist society.