Sample Psychology Essays On Students’ Self-Esteem

Homework Question on Students’ Self-Esteem

Should Schools Try to Increase Students’ Self-Esteem?

  • Use the questions below to guide your typed responses to the Taking Sides argument that you chose. ( I need chose NO side) ill upload the issue
  1. The issue (in your own words)
  2. Side (YES or NO) that you have chosen and the author(s)
  3. Before reading the issue, what is YOUR position on this topic?
  4. State the arguments for the position that you chose (at least 5 arguments that the author(s) has discussed as well as their page numbers)
  5. Are there any reasons to believe that the writer is biased? If so, why would they have these biases?
  6. Did your position change after reading this issue? Why/why not?
  7. Identify any propaganda techniques used, if any.  • Propaganda such as: generalizations, name calling, use of emotional language, appeals to fear, appeals to hatred, appeals to pride, use of slogans, and/or pseudo solutions
  • YES: Robert Sylwester, from “The Neurobiology of Self-Esteem and Aggression,” Educational Leadership (February 1997)
  • NO: Maureen A. Manning, from “Self-Concept and Self-Esteem in Adolescents,” Principal Leadership (February, 2007)

Homework Answer on Students’ Self-Esteem

I think that schools should endeavor to increase self esteem for their students. This would ensure that their dignity and decorum is maintained and restored. They will be highly motivated, and thus perform better in their studies. Student support in the improvement process of their self esteem facilitates their understanding capabilities in classrooms and outside classrooms. High level esteem is one of the factors that enable students to attain their goals in academic fields.

Maureen A. Manning

I concur with you Maureen that self esteem should not be increased for students in schools. One of the reasons is that self concept is not in any way influenced by high esteem among students. Self concept develops as a child progresses from elementary school through the middle level to high school. This concept increases their perception, understanding, and skills as they proceed from one stage to the other. Their ability to grab information and evaluate issues increases proportionally.

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Thus, it is clear that efforts by schools in improving their students’ self esteem are all in futility; instead, they should consider developing students’ self concepts. This will not only save the money used to run these programs but also increase the students’ self growth. The second point is on the promotion of competence; competence is more of a behavior than a self esteem concept. In the domain of important issues such as behavior and academic performance, student competence is the most important aspect of driving at success.