Sample Psychology Essays On Secure Attachment

Homework Question on Secure Attachment

  • Evaluating either yourself or someone you know well,
  1. Describe behaviors that would lead you to the conclusion that they are securely or insecurely attached.
  2. Discuss what you learned in the section “Emerging into Adulthood Without a College Degree.”
  3. What is “flow” and how have you experienced it in your life?

Homework Answer on Secure Attachment

As a young child, I used not be worried about many things because I knew that my mother was always there for me; whatever I asked for she provided. Because of the motherly love that I received from her, I was always confident about life and my future. At home I was always distressed the moment I learn that she is about to leave either for the market, work, or other duties; I could cry severally to express my distress. My elder sister, who was taking care of me, tried to comfort and assure me that mother will be back soon. As I grew older, I realized that I was securely attached to my mother.

At school, my behavior towards other kids was always characterized with confident and optimism. I could promise to carry some itemssuch as snacks the next day because I knew mother would provide if ask; every moment I tried to express to them my confident and attachment to my mum. In particular, I was attached to mum with snacks; whenever I was annoyed, mum could easily sooth me by buying me some snacks.

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In addition, I usually used my mother as a safe basis to explore and understand my environment. In essence, these behaviors clearly indicate that I was securely attached to my mother.The main thing that I learnt from the section “Emerging into Adulthood without a College Degree” is that children who grow up in poverty or low income families usually learn to take up responsibilities very early in their life as compared to children from affluent families.