Sample Psychology Essays On Mild Stress Influences Memory

Homework Question on Mild Stress Influences Memory

  • Discussion: Should summarize and interpret your results, address problems with the study, and propose future directions for research
  1. Restate your results in words – that is, summarize what the results section said without using numbers or statistical terms. Was your hypothesis supported?
  2. “Unpack” your results for each hypothesis. What do your findings mean? How do your results compare with the results of other studies? Do they clarify or complicate things? Why do you think they are the same or different from previous studies?
  3. Discuss the limitations of the study. This doesn’t mean to say why the study is bad, but go over some of the obvious limitations and how they can be overcome. Also discuss strengths of the study.
  4. Propose future research possibilities. What are the implications of your study? Propose future research ideas to follow up on your study – what is the next step? Discuss some ideas for what you would do to follow this up – don’t just say that you would do it again with more participants.
  • End with a brief summary of your effects – what is the “take-home” message?
  • Did you accomplish the aim? ( you need to show whether the project demostrated the concept to be tested,relating conclusions to data, discuss sucess with the study, suggestions for further investigation.
  • Also, you need to refer to the previous researches that are included in the introduction of my paper

Homework Answer on Mild Stress Influences Memory


From the project examining how stress influences one’s memory, the following results were drawn. According to the independent sample t-test, people who were in the mild stress group were more anxious following the task one time more than those in controlled group. The hypothesis was certainly supported after an independent t-test research was carried out. This was aimed at assessing if there was a difference between the total words that were recalled correctly by both the controlled group and the mild stress group.

The results favored people in the mild stressed group as they recalled more words than those in the controlled group. This indicates that mild stress does not decrease the number of correct words recalled.A second hypothesis test was carried to find out how many lure words each group would correctly recall. When the results were computed, it was observed that people in mild stress group again recalled more lure words than people from controlled groups. This is an indication that mild stress does not affect the lure words that are recalled.

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The findings contradict with scientists’ conclusions. With the help of past studies, they believe people living with constant pressure and fear experience memory loss. This research indicates the contrary. The mild stress group recalled better than the controlled group. Evidently, mild stress give more of an advantage to recalling than controlled nature. Therefore, scientists’ findings complicate matters.