Sample Psychology Essays On Midlife Crisis

Homework Question on Midlife Crisis

  • Adulthood and Phases and Stages Briefly discuss the one or more of the issues involved in adulthood and old age.
  1. Why is young adulthood a stressful time? Are the middle years a time of turmoil, i.e., midlife crises, empty nest? What about the transitions in family life, i.e., marriage and parenthood?
  2. What can we expect from old age?  These are only some of the topics that you might wish to discuss. You may pick your own.  Try to relate your answer to the readings and to your personal experience (Note that your personal experience can be your own experiences or someone else’s you know or have read about.)

Homework Answer on Midlife Crisis

Human beings go through a number of phases in their lives. Each phase has its unique challenges which must be handled effectively for healthy growth and transition. One of the phases mostly experienced by adults around the age of 40 is the midlife crisis, a term coined by Elliot Jacques. It sets in between 40-60 years with variations across the genders. During this time, people tend to evaluate the life they have lived or are currently living.

In most cases, people are not satisfied with the life they live and they tend to look for ways to make it happier or more enjoyable.I know of an uncle who experienced this phase when I was old enough to see the things going around me. He was about 45 years old, married with two kids and everybody thought he was happy until one day he just sold the family car, withdrawn all the money from the bank and left without telling anyone where he was headed.

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The wife had said that he started complaining about everything and that he deserved more than what life had given him. He was talking of leaving his job even mentioned divorce during one of their small family arguments.After weeks of searching, it was discovered that he had moved to another town with a young woman in her early 20s and had bought a very expensive car for the woman. That is the first time I heard the term midlife crisis from the counseling psychologist who was brought to help him back to his normal self.