Sample Psychology Essays On “Max’s Fantasy”

Homework Question on “Max’s Fantasy”

  • Watch Spike Jonze’s (2009) motion picture adaptation of the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are.
  • Your job is to watch said movie (possibly even more than once) and provide a case conceptualization of the main character, Max. This conceptualization will be the first section of the paper and should include a brief introduction to your paper, consisting of a roadmap to your paper (e.g., In this paper, I will first….I will also highlight….Finally, ….will be discussed – or something to that effect).
  • The second section of this paper will address thematic elements involved in Max’s fantasy play, identifying what issues he is working through in his fantasy and how he is working through/resolving them, thereby facilitating his rejoining of the family at the end of the film.
  • Multiple themes emerge within his fantasy so be sure to address at least two of them.  Details will be uploaded in file You can use as many sources as you want

Homework Answer on  “Max’s Fantasy”


Children are normally considered a bundle of joy and they are thought of to be the most innocent beings in the world. However, some of these young people prove to be quite a handful and sometimes very annoying. It is no doubt that some children are mischievous and has the wildest of behaviors in the world. This paper is therefore a critical analysis of the movie “where the wild things are” by Spike Jonze in 2009.

It is a motion picture adaptation of the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are” written by Maurice Sendak in 1981, whose main character is a young boy by the name max. In this paper, I will first discuss the character Max and the problems he has faced, I will then analyze the issues that he has to deal with, followed by how max is dealing with these issues. After this a discussion of two major themes of the motion picture will follow and finally I will provide a conclusion of the entire story.

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The movie is a conceptualization of the main character Max as a child with wild imagination and one who is a trouble maker. Max also conceptualizes the wild things as friendly and understanding even though they live in the wild forest. He sees them as being friendly, submissive and he feels that he can rule the wild things. This is an indication that the movie depicts some children by the thought that they think that one can find friends in the forest if they cannot be found at home.