Sample Psychology Essays On Marriage Counselling

Homework Question on Marriage Counselling

  1. Contain at least one major ethical dilemma relevant to Marriage Counseling therapy ( please provide example).
  2. Contain at least one multicultural component or issue relevant to Marriage Counseling ( please provide example).
  3. Analyze and resolve the ethical dilemma and discuss the multicultural issues within the case you have chosen that relates to marriage counseling.
  • You will also create a self-reflection piece based on Hayes (2008) ADDRESSING model.
  • In this study, review the components of the ADDRESSING model and how they influence your ability to work professionally with people of the same cultural backgrounds as well as with people of other cultural backgrounds.

Homework Answer on Marriage Counselling

There various ethical dilemmas that arise during the counselling of couples who have already walked down the aisle. They include informing the consent of the client, confidentiality between the client and the counsellor, the client and the counsellor engaging in multiple relationships and differences in values and beliefs between the client and the counsellor. The biggest ethical issue that arises in marriage counselling is confidentiality of the information during the sessions between the client and the counsellor.

The information shared between one of the couples and the counsellor should remain confidential between them and not disclosed to the other partner Wilcoxon, Remley & Gladding (2011).This is important in order to avoid further friction and conflict that may rock the relationship much further. The counsellor has a much herculean task in advising a couples’ relationship. The counsellor has to have a session with one couple at a time in order to iron out the differences then advise the couples together in a different session.

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For instance, the counsellor should not share the couples’ status on neither they are faithful to each nor has multiple relationships outside the marriage.There are various multicultural issues that arise during marriage counselling. The most pertinent multicultural issue arising during marriage counselling is that one of ethnicity. The globe has become a melting pot of people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. People have migrated into different territories in search of greener pastures.