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Homework Question on Evolution

  • Evolution assignment PhD Natural selection and evolution play a large role in behaviors of animals, including humans. The Owens et al. study assigned for reading this week introduces a strain of mice that have been selected (scientifically, rather than naturally) for behavioral sensitivity to alcohol. These selected strains of mice are an example of evolution through selection for certain traits.
  • Write a 2-3 page paper (excluding the reference section and title page) discussing a particular strain of animal where a particular behavior has been selected for.
  1. You can select almost any behavior and find selection studies that have been done in mice and rats.
  2. You can also use the long-sleep and short-sleep mice that have been presented in the article this week.
  3. Be sure to discuss not only the selection process and impact but also other associated changes resulting from the initial selection process.
  4. As you will find if you search the long-sleep and short-sleep mice there will be a significant number of changes that occur at the neuro chemical and behavioral level as a result of the initial selection study.

        Homework Answer on Evolution

Humans have and continue to use animals to conduct studies. These animals have been at the forefront of many scientific discoveries in psychology and medicine. The usefulness of animals has however gone beyond medicine and psychology to the detection of landmine in countries such as Mozambique, where a charity organization (Apopo) has been using giant pouched rats to detect landmines (Weetjens et al, 2010).

Given that many species have sensitive chemical detection systems, it was necessary to make a wise choice in choosing the rats for the landmine detection. Thus, apart from their high sense of smell, many other characteristics made the pouched rats the best candidates for the detection job.Behavior analysis experts use a diverse range of procedures founded on the principles of operant conditioning to not only help individuals learn new meaningful behavior, but also to select animals for the investigation of different characteristics (Poling et al., 2010).

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Apopo, a mine-clearance charity, has used pouched African rats in the detection of landmines in Mozambique with remarkable success. While the first choice for Bart Weetjens was on dogs for the detection of the landmines, the high cost of training for the dogs and their husbandry led to the search for an alternative in landmine detection (Weetjens et al, 2010).