Sample Psychology Essays On Emotional Intelligence

Homework Question on Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

  • Awareness of our emotions is the first step towards developing or enhancing emotional intelligence.
  • Answering the questions below will help you to become more aware by identifying people or situations, which cause you to feel certain emotions. (Adapted from Gamble & Gamble, 1998, p. 242)
  1. List three emotions you recall having experienced more than once in the last month. (Examples might be: boredom, excitement, fear, delight, anger, embarrassment, love, shame, envy, pride, anxiety, jealousy – or add others.)
  2. Think about the situations you were in when you experienced these emotions, and see if you can pinpoint causative factors in each case. Describe any similarities or differences, and whether the emotions enhanced the event or detracted from it.
  3. Complete the following sentences: I am happy when _______________________________________________ I am anxious when ______________________________________________ I am frustrated when ____________________________________________ I am confident when ____________________________________________ I am excited when ______________________________________________ 4. What did you learn from this assignment?

Homework Answer on Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability of a person to identify and manage emotions positively. Positive understanding of emotions enhance effective communication and help in stress relieve. Therefore, with a high emotional intelligence improves the behavior and interaction of people.

Self-test to help identify people or situations that trigger certain emotions

A list of 3 experiences experienced more than once in the last month

  • Boredom
  • Sadness
  • Embarrassment

Situations for the experiences

Boredom. It was a rough month for me especially with hectic schoolwork. The fact that I don’t have a roommate made me bored since I dint have a person to spend time with and talk about things. Worse, my laptop got ruined hence I was not able to watch any movies than stare the ceiling

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Sadness. Sometimes school work is never friendly. I have managed to achieve far below of what I expected in the continuous assessment tests and this makes me so sad. I worry a lot about the final exams as I have become pessimistic.