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Homework Question on Educational Psychologists

  1. Question 1 – Define or describe the field of Educational Psychology.
  2. Question 2 – What does it take to become an Educational Psychologist? What are the educational requirements for employment and/or independent practice in Educational Psychology? Which states license Educational Psychologists? Does Arkansas license Educational Psychologists?
  3. Question 3 – What are the professional associations and sources of information for Educational Psychology? Please list the major associations and their Web site addresses.
  4. Question 4 – Identify the job/employment opportunities for people with bachelor’s degrees in psychology, and those with advanced degrees (master’s and doctoral), in Educational Psychology in the Educational and Training world (fields). Please identify specific jobs when responding to this question. Tell me what people with the following degrees do and where they work. Focus on specific employment opportunities rather than the overall or general employment picture for people with psychology degrees. • Bachelor’s degree – • Master’s degree – • Doctoral degree (Ph.D./Psy.D.) –
  5. Question 5 – What’s the difference between an Educational Psychologist and the other psychologists that work in educational settings, i.e., Developmental or School Psychologists?

Homework Answer on Educational Psychologists

  • An educational psychologist is concerned with helping children who are having difficulties in learning with the main aim of helping them learn faster and better.
  1. To become an educational psychologist, one needs to get a degree in psychology. This degree is essential because it introduces them to the important foundation issues about psychology. In order to advance or become better in the career, it is important that the individual seek a masters and PHD in the field of psychology. The state of Arkansas does offer licensing for educational psychologists.
  2. Association of Educational Psychologists –
  • American Psychological Association –
  • National Association of School Psychologists –
  • California Psychological Association –
  • Utah Psychological Association –

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  1. Degree in educational psychology jobs are; social workers, councilors, clinical psychologists, school psychologists, educational psychologists, social service managers, vocational rehabilitation provider.