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Homework Question on Developmental Psychology

  • Cal state Fullerton’s Psychology M.A. Program: Write a brief statement (500 words/3500 characters or less including punctuation, but not spaces) describing your reason(s) for pursuing graduate or post baccalaureate study. Include any additional information concerning your preparation that is pertinent to the objective specified. Discuss such topics as:
  1. Your present area(s) of interest in psychology,
  2. Your research experience,
  3. The strengths and weaknesses in your preparation for graduate study, and
  4. Your career objectives as you now see them.

Homework Answer on Developmental Psychology

Ever since I was young, I have always had an undying passion of studying the human mind. Having lived in a poverty ridden area, I have witnessed a vast number of children and young adults plunge themselves into questionable activities with their intent being to save their families from the harsh reality of poverty. Many will find themselves joining the crime world while others find themselves undergoing depression.

It is with this profound reason that I was enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in psychology after being one of the lucky high school graduates to get a full sponsorship to study at Duke University. After doing my degree course, I enrolled for a Masters or Graduate program to pursue Developmental Psychology, which mainly seeks to comprehend the psychological transformation that occurs in a child’s mind as they are growing into adulthood.

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Amid the high shocking rates of youths carrying out criminal activities and suicidal activities, I have been influenced to specialize in Development Psychology with the motivation of further understanding children and youths. My present interest in Developmental psychology has been motivated by the fact that I could be able to help the poor youths in transforming their lives into something more meaningful and worthwhile. I seek to be able to help the children and young adults with valuable counseling and mentorship programs that would enable them transform their thinking and eventually their lifestyle decisions.