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Homework Question on Dealing with Stress

  • This is the paper instructions from the instructor: Our first exam just past and now you are learning the theories and principle of learning and memory.
  1. Based on your understanding the theory of learning and memory, please describe your study strategies of preparing that exam and check the effectiveness of your study strategies. Then discuss what works effectively to help you remember things?
  2. How should you study for the next test to get a better grade? (The paper is a minimum of one page) ill attach the chapter (Memory) which will help you understand the theories.
  • Also, my writing strategy is organize and draw the main points follow by some details in separate paper (like a chart). use my writing strategy in the paper and try to discuss and explain it more.

Homework Answer on Dealing with Stress

Researches on stress are significant and central to the explanations on concepts of psychology. This explains why stress is considered as the main ingredient in psychopathology. Psychological researches show that stress can result to severe impacts on the type of mental health of the victim. The stress types range from Posttraumatic Stress Disorders and other stress varieties that have not been investigated highly. The magnitude of the stress determines the emotional consequences the victim will face as well as the levels of reaction.

The mental health field has developed several frameworks that can be used in ameliorating the effect of stress. Stress can either be event or chronic. Rappaport and Edward cited that the environment and the individual influence each other (189). On the other hand, community psychology is the professional and systematic restraint that aims at creation of value in professionalism. Kloos, Hill and  Thomas et al argued that community psychologists are the actions that affect outcomes as interventions.

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The stress-vulnerability model contains the biological and the stress. The elements in a stress model can be influence by people. This can be done by avoiding the probable causes of stress, embracing proper coping skills, seeking social sustenance and engaging in meaningful activities. The surrounding one is exposed to can escalate the symptoms and the biological vulnerabilities of the individuals. Other than the negative aspect of the stress, the positive events of the stress should be identified.