Sample Psychology Essays On Counseling

Homework Question on Counseling

  • Conduct an intake interview with a hypothetical client with a view to using the basic counseling skills learned in this class: rephrasing, reflections, summarizing, empathic listening, etc.
  1.  Submit your interview questions in the sequence that you asked.
  2. Submit a video recording
  3.  Write a brief SOAP note (s-subjective, o-objective, A-assessment, P-plan) on your session with the hypothetical client.
  4. Write a self-reflection of the interview process relative to what you did well, the areas in which you need to develop, and any challenging parts of the interview that you had to manage and how you did so.
  • Interview should be a minimum of 30 minutes
  • You will be graded on how you use the above mentioned techniques, as well as how you set up and end the interview.
  • However, the part of interview video I will do it after the all papers are done to use the lest of your question in my interview video.

Homework Answer on Counseling

Counseling entails listening to individuals who may be faced with difficult situations in life and identifying the most appropriate way to help them out.  The counselors seek the most effective way to help the client look at an issue from a different perspective so as t overcome the pain.  Among the issues that may force one to seek counseling services include unemployment, loss of a loved one and unanticipated loss of property.

While family and friends may try to help the individuals with their emotional struggles, their help may not be effective at times due to lack of counseling skills. Professional counselors use these skills to get the best information about the problems facing the clients so as to identify the most appropriate way to solve the issue. The major goal of counseling is to help the client enable to face the situations that they cannot change positively (Mrdjenovich & Moore, 2004).

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This paper describes an interview session with a depressed patient who is worried about losing his job because he is not fit to carry out his duties due to sickness. The patient has worked at the institution for over ten years and has been used to his job thus he does not imagine a life without it. To be able to cope with his new life, he needs to embrace change from the past to the current life with a positive attitude.