Sample Psychology Essays On Cognitive-Motivational Characteristics

Homework Question on Cognitive-Motivational characteristics 

  • Students shall locate one source of popular psychology and one source of empirical research source popular psychology include TV shows and empirical research should come from a literature search in psycinfo.
  • After locating these two sources, students are to critique the merit of information using critical thinking concepts and standards.critique should address the following.
  1. What is the question or issue address?
  2. Who is asking this question?
  3. What data and facts are use to support the assertion? Where do these data and facts come from?
  4. Be sure to provide a link or a source the non-empirical reference as well
  5. What inference is reach base on these data, in fact, support the claim being made?
  6. Are there other points of view or ways of explaining the results or assertion made.
  7. Is this a reliable source of information base on your analysis?

Homework Answer on Cognitive-Motivational characteristics 


The purpose of the study was to establish the relationship between science achievement and student self-beliefs. In so doing, two groups of 16867 students from Thailand, who participated in two international assessments, were examined in the study. Various scholars have carried out research recently in the area of learner characteristics and how they determine effective learning outcomes.

The study was carried out among 13 year olds who participated in the Third Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS) in 1995. Students who participated in the TIMMS study in 1999 were later examined to determine whether there were any changes realised four years after the first study. From examining students from the first sample in 1995, it was evident that those students who had a positive attitude in mathematics and science actually performed well in the same. It is however necessary to establish whether there will be consistency in the findings by comparing the findings in 1999 from those gathered in 1995 from the same country.

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The initial study involved a two-stage cluster sampling design procedure to come up with students who met all the desired variables for the study. In Thailand from the TIMMS 1995 group 11,277 students were selected and 5,590 students in TIMMS 1999. Questionnaires were used to answer questions about their learning resources, family and personal characteristics, science achievement and classroom instructional activities.