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Is Texting/ Cell Phone Use Addictive?

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Cell phone usage has become more like a necessity with the ever changing technologies in the world today particularly among young adults and teenagers. As such, teenagers usually want to keep their social lives intact by constantly interacting with their friends mainly through the social media avenues like facebook and twitter. I do believe that phone usage through texting or accessing the internet is addictive. To begin with, addiction is defined as an uncontrollable habit forming or unhealthy behaviors.

Furthermore, one of the main symptoms of addiction is withdrawal just like drug or alcohol addicts behave. Today, many phone users show withdrawal signs by feeling detached or anxious when their phone batteries are running low or they do not have them (Kowalski, 2014).Scientifically, there are various elements that have been associated with phone addiction signs. Some of these elements include withdrawal, tolerance, inability to reduce usage and engaging in behaviors despite negative consequences and risks involved (Hyman, 2013).

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For example, engaging in phone usage behaviors such as texting while driving is a common negative acts portrayed by phone users. Similarly, people in work places and schools usually portray inability to reduce phone usage reduction by constantly using them in work places and schools. This has led to reduced concentration in the work environments and learning institutions. Furthermore, it has been proven that people show emotional attachments towards their phones (Hyman, 2013).