Sample Psychology Essays On Brain Plasticity and Behavior

Homework Question on Brain Plasticity and Behavior

  1. Research a topic  about the how brain affects behavior or neuroplasticity.
  2. Find one or more articles you read, then summarize in your own words for others in 1-2 paragraphs. Please do not simply quote the article.
  3. What did you learn that related to or supported what you read about in the course materials on biological psychology?
  4. What was new or surprising information

Homework Answer on Brain Plasticity and Behavior

Plasticity of the brain depends on age, though it never stops at any single time even when a person is at rest. Plasticity involves cells as well as neurons for two reasons; to learn and to create memories (Garcia-Segura, 2009). In this case, the brain is the main factor that determines the character that one shall show. Depending on the signal that the brain will synthesize, which is later sent to the organs and parts of the body that need to respond for an action to be taken, a person will take actions that will portray his or her behavior.

For instance, when one is tired, the brain is not able to work efficiently. The type of information that it processes when a person is tired, is lees effective. This is because the neurons are not able to send information to one another and thus the person ends up being confused. The reactions of the person to various activities are slowly.What I learnt from the article is that the brain is a complex organ that is found in the skull of human body.

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It is made up of many neurons that are continuously created throughout the life of an individual (Freund, 1997). It is interesting that the brain is accountable for the behavior that people have. Whenever an activity is to be undertaken by the body, the brain is responsible for sending signals to the respective part that responds accordingly. This determines the status of biological psychology of an individual. Neurons are responsible for transmitting information from various parts, which sense any changes or actions related to the environment to the brain.