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Homework Question on Birth Order

  1. So we can remember things that didn’t actually happen to us, Some of you might have discovered that you reconstructed a memory. If you did, and it’s appropriate for an academic setting, it would be interesting to hear about it. How did you discover that the memory was fake?Any ideas about how you made it up? Now that you know it’s made up, is there something different about the made up memory as opposed to a real one?
  2. Consider the issue of child discipline. Do you support the practice of physically punishing a child? What are the long-term consequences? Here is an exercise to which I would like all of you to respond. Consider your birth order. Are you an only child, a first born, middle, or youngest child of your family? Consider your experiences, rules, curfews, expectations, or responsibilities compared to your siblings or friends. How important was birth order in your family? Are there common experiences of those who share the same birth order? Please respond.
  3. Consider the relationship between young people being exposed to violence in the media and violent behaviour. Is there a relationship between these two variables? If so, is it a cause and effect relationship or a correlation?
  4. Discussion 1. Have any of you or your friends been exposed to cyber bullying; is this a growing problem in Canada? 2. How does cyber bullying impact victims? 3. What are the causes of cyber bullying and other types of youth violence; what is the role of the media? 4. What recommendations or solutions would reduce this type of youth violence?

Homework Answer on Birth Order

I happened to be the second-born in a family of four. Being the middle child allows me to evade responsibilities without being noticed. Every child knows that being the first or last in the family attracts attention from parents; hence, birth order is quite important. The first-born is expected to be a role model to the rest, and whenever we break the curfew, he is the one who owes my parents an explanation. Although I do not attract much attention at home than my older brother, I am quite independent and always get what I want.

Violent behavior can be influenced by being exposed to media violence. When children are exposed to media violence, they tend to become less susceptible to the suffering and pain that other children, or adults, are undergoing. In addition, they become more frightened of anything around them. Media violence can also lead to hostility and cruelty among children. The quality of the media content, in addition to social influences that a child is exposed to, usually restrains the link between media violence and violent behavior. A single experience to media violence can enhance violent behavior in the immediate circumstance.

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My friend was a target of cyber-bullying. I came to notice this when he started avoiding me and my friends for no apparent reason. He also changed his attitude towards everybody, including his parents. Cyber-bullying is on the rise in Canada. This is portrayed by a rise in cyber bullying-related suicides among kids. Cyber-bullying can cause depression, fear of technology, low self-esteem, and withdrawal. A victim of cyber-bullying develops poor concentration, leading to poor performance in school.