Sample Psychology Essays On Advocacy and Social Justice

Homework Question on Advocacy and Social Justice

  1. Address what advocacy and social justice mean to you as a professional counselor. Include information you have located in your readings to support your position.
  2. Identify and discuss an area of needed advocacy for people with SMIs.
  3. Provide an example of how you have or could advocate or work for social justice in this area.
  4. How does your own awareness of your cultural and ethnic heritage influence your work in advocacy for your clients? Be sure 4 questions are answer.

Homework Answer on Advocacy and Social Justice

Advocacy can be defined as either the support given to a particular individual that is considered special because they have been suppressed in the society or because they deserve special care in some way (Chung & Bemak, 2012). Social justice refers to a process of influencing certain opportunities as well as privileges to fall on some people who have been denied their rights. To a counselor, the two aspects mean representing the needs of his/her clients and ensuring that their rights and freedom, which could have made them be at their situation, are respected (Hay & Erford, 2010).

The counselor becomes an advocate for the clients as well as being the protector of their rights in the society. For example, consider a client who is mentally ill. In this case, mental illness is taken as any other form of disability and the counselor stands for the rights of the client. In this case, advocacy is needed as well as social justice.In this case, as a counselor, I would stand on the ground to ensure that the rest of the members of the society would respect the client.

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I would have ensured that those who go criticizing the client because of his condition would stop.This I would do by making them understand that the client suffers from a disability like any other (Chin, 2004). Thus, they ought to give care that they offer to any other people who are disabled. I would ensure that I seek medical treatment for the client to ensure that he comes back to his senses and is able to think critically like any other normal person.