Sample Psychology Essay Paper on Psychology Class Lessons and Reflections

This class was an eye-opener when it comes to understanding the history and important tenets of psychology including influential figures in the history of the field. It was full of very interesting and important lessons in psychology that will be critical for my professional and personal development. I found the lessons on Oedipus complex especially enlightening. It provided psychological grounding for parent-child intimate relationships which I found rather baffling before taking this class. I also found the lessons on personality disorders interesting. It helped me understand myself better. Most importantly, they helped to contextualize the behavior of people I interact with. Personality disorders such narcissism, which were discussed during the lessons, have symptoms that are I commonly see displayed by some of my friends on social media.

            The lesson on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was not only interesting but also very important. It equipped with valuable information that will help me as a student in prioritizing my time and resources. This is because I can now rank my needs and priorities in the order of their importance and strategize how to meet them. Additionally, Maslow’s ideology and insight on how humans rank their needs will help in managing and developing myself professionally. Through the lessons, I will be better prepared when it comes to making career choices and decisions including contract negotiation and settling for an employer. As a student and an aspiring professional, memory, intelligence, motivation and emotions are very important for my success. The lessons I learnt during the class on these topics will improve and boost my intelligence including my IQ and memory, which are critical components of my growth and development personally and professionally. I also found the lessons on research very valuable as I learnt fundamentals of research including methods of research.                

            While the class was interesting with eye-opening lessons, using integrated approach to learning would have helped in improving my ability to achieve the set learning outcomes. Incorporating traditional classroom setting with more innovative and technology-based approaches such as augmented reality and virtual platforms would have gone a long way in improving the learning experience. Moreover, psychology as an art requires a lot of practical learning. Learners should be given the chance to understand the theories and ideologies in practical settings that leave lasting impression on them while also improving their ability to retain knowledge. Therefore, more experiential learning strategies would have made the class better. Topics such as personality disorders and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be better grasp with more experiential or practical learning and less traditional classroom learning. Students should be allowed to visit institutions housing individuals suffering from some of these personality disorders. They should also be allowed to visit workplaces to practically learn how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs affects workplace performance and operations.

            I liked most of the topics covered in the class. They were very informative and impactful. They provided lessons whose value overarches my present and future professional and personal growth and development. However, I found Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs topic particularly interesting. It helped me conceptualized human behavior and diversity. Our hierarchy of needs play an important in defining how we behave and how we prioritize our and resources. It is one of the factors that determine our uniqueness despite shared ideas and backgrounds. I also found the topic on Oedipus complex rather compelling as it touched on an issue that is socially controversial in many societies.